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Established as IdoSoft 1997
Software development since 1984.

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Our Goal

Making your business more profitable is what we strive to do everyday. Since 1997 we have marketed our Point of Sales software to independent retailers who need a powerful cost effective solution to doing Point of Sales and Inventory Control. We have not grown beyond the simple belief that we must provide the tools necessary in our software to make your business profitable.

Credit Card Processing

IdoSoft also created a relationship more than 7 years ago with one of the top merchant services companies, TSYS better known as VISA.
IdoSoft has negotiated credit card processing rates for our group of POS users that can substantially save our POS users a good sum of money. We also have two TSYS representatives that work directly with our POS users to take care of any credit card processing needs.

Did You Know

Canadian POS

Since May of 2005 IdoSoft has provided many Canadian dealers our POS software. Geared to handle all Canadian TAX situations, GST, PST, QST & HST. If you are a Canadian retailer and are looking for a full featured POS, look no further than IdoSoft. Proven to work for Canadian retailers for more than seven years now.

Gift Cards 
IdoSoft has been creating Gift cards for more than 14 years for our POS users. The Gift card process is fully integrated within our POS. The sale, usage tracking and full accounting functions exists in the POS program. We create these Gift cards in house for our POS users, so we can control the quality. The cards are made from credit card stock and contain a mag stripe for processing and as well we create a barcode image for processing that can be used if you do not have a mag reader.

These Gift cards are customized for your business as the above image shows. Your Gift card can only be used in your business, no other retailer can process your Gift cards. Use the cards as well for providing a return merchandise credit.
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Cloud Backups
IdoSoft perfoems clod backups to our cloud backup server at NO additional charge. In most cases IdoSoft will store at minimum 2 days of backup files and up to 4 days.

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RadioShack Dealer Franchise
Convert from RSPOS to IdoSoft
Join the hundreds of RSPOS users that have converted to IdoSoft.
No loss of data,easy and painless conversion,a user interface that you are familliar with.

IdoSoft has had a long relationship with RadioShack, as a Franchise dealer from 1989-2007 and as the company that licensed our Point of Sales software to RadioShack Corp for use in their Dealer Franchise devision in June of 2000. Yes we created RSPOS for RadioShack.

Vendor Affiliation Spotlight

  IdoSoft provides independent Orgill hardware dealers with a fully integrated EDI, electronic data interface, making doing business with Orgill as simple as pressing a button to place an order, manage inventory and receive merchandise. Our Orgill dealers enjoy the low cost and simplicity of using the IdoSoft ICS/POS program.

Orgill Hardware POS User Spotlight

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